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Frieght Delivery

If you are a long haul trucker or a major trucking company that regularly schedules Utah freight shipping drop-offs, you can benefit from some of the services that Corlett Express Trucking has to offer. Corlett offers basic freight shipping services, but has also added a new service that saves time and money for many long haul truckers with drop-offs in Utah.

Imagine that your company has cargo on board a long haul truck, but the driver is delayed by weather or another emergency. Typically, this situation results in idle time while the truck is stuck waiting for the situation to clear up so that the cargo can be delivered. Idle time costs your company money not only because of the time that is wasted while waiting to deliver the current load, but also because of missed and delayed pick ups in other locations. If you encounter this situation in Utah, Corlett Express Trucking can help your long haul trucker deliver their load so they can be on their way to the next pick up location.

Corlett Express Trucking offers an innovative Utah freight shipping service that allows companies to cut out down time caused by stalled deliveries. Companies completing freight delivery Utah will be able to allow their trucks to move on by dropping off the remainder of their load at the Corlett warehouse in Salt Lake City. The warehouse is open for drop-offs twenty-four hours a day, allowing long haul truckers to drop off the remainder of their load at any time of day or night.

Once the load has been left at the Corlett warehouse, Corlett will be sure to complete the delivery quickly. This gives long haul truckers the opportunity to move on to another pick up without having to worry about the status of their last load. Whether the long haul trucker is working independently or with a large trucking company, significant amounts of time and money will be saved by taking advantage of Corlett's unique Utah freight shipping service.

Corlett Express Trucking offers a variety of freight delivery Utah services throughout the state. The company is experienced in handling freight shipping services, providing superior service to clients through knowledge and understanding on the freight shipping business. The introduction of Corlett's new service for long haul truckers demonstrates that the company is forward-thinking and dedicated to providing the best service clients can find in Utah.

Instead of waiting and wasting time on a delayed load, keep Corlett Express Trucking in mind the next time your long haul trucker is dropping off a load in Utah. Weather issues are a common problem in the region, and Corlett is ready to help you eliminate the problem in the future.